A Stroke of Inconvenience

A Stroke of Inconvenience, an original play by Vaughn Taylor-TIider and Megan Boles made its debut in October 2010, playing for 3 weekends.

The San Antonio play is about four generations of women coming together for Christmas which, thank goodness, comes but once a year. As they gather to celebrate the holiday hidden secrets raise their ugly heads, and reveal the hilarious, foolish and sometimes painful mistakes of the past. That is until a little known female health issue brings all four face to face with mortality. The only thing worse than being with each other is being without each other as the term “just like mom” takes on new meaning.

This hilarious comedy takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, some you’ll recognize and the rest, well, just be thankful.

Set for the San Antonio play “A Stroke of Inconvenience”

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san antonio play

“TOO FUNNY!!! LOVED IT!” –James E. Hopkins

san antonio play

“I really enjoyed “A Stroke of Inconvenience”! It was very witty but also dealt with very serious issues. The relationships represented were complicated and unique. The cast really did a great job portraying the four generations of women with honesty and humor. The family had a lot of secrets that were revealed through …the course of the play, and had me on the edge of my seat to the very end! I would encourage everyone to go see it!” –Jana Gillis

san antonio play

” A Stroke of Inconvenience” was incredible. The entire play was great. but for me the shock in the end is unforgettable, and I never saw it coming. If you want a surprise you need to see this show!” –Anna Anderson

***If you have already purchased your tickets either at PASA or through the website, please go to the Dinner With Theatre page and print out your validation.  Then take that page, along with your receipt, to the restaurants shown and enjoy a 10% discount on your dinner on the night of the performance.  Please note that more restaurants may be added as opening week approaches, so you will want to check back on that page from time to time to get the updated version.

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